• Hotel Royal Emeraude proche plage à Dinard
  • Hotel Royal Emeraude proche plage à Dinard
  • Hotel Royal Emeraude proche plage à Dinard


Dinard, mythical seaside resort

Progressively, Dinard is considered the first seaside resort of France. At the end of the 19th century, "The Pearl of the Emerald coast" reunites part of the European aristocracy, as well as politicians and intellectuals. They frequent the most luxuous hotels.
The English colony mingles with this rich society and great festivals, dinners, concerts take place in the salons.

Everywhere we install electricity, running water and phones. The streets of the town are illuminated.

After the Great War, a new life begins in Dinard. It is the belle epoque. A new society from the artistic and business worlds aspire to more activities, of fresh air and rebellion. The golden youth form this time dances to jazz music, the motorboats roar and the champagne flows.

Mythical seaside resort, Dinard unveils its charms along the waterfront. Great beaches, creeks and coastal paths follow one another and offer breathtaking views of the sea and the Rance. Labeled City of Art and History, Dinard offers to its visitors a preserved patrimony. Close to 407 classified villas will bring you back to the beginning of the 19th century, at the time when the English colony launched the trend of sea bathing, tennis and golf.

Dinard is firmly anchored in the present. A calendar rich in events and animations of all kinds makes the resort's heart beat all year long, and very high quality infrastructures allow to indulge to a lot of cultural and sport activities.


Our hotel works in partnership with local Golf clubs: notice to golf lovers, eager to discover magnificient courses on the links of the region but also tempted by the atmosphere English countryside. Book our Golf experience offer that will seduce you without any doubt. If you wish, we can reserve your greenfees regardless of our offer.

The golf courses of Dinard is one of the oldest golf course in France and will seduce you with its sea views. Let’s discover the 27 holes of “Le Tronchet” Golf in St Malo. Or, let yourself be seduced by the landscapes of the “Domaine des Ormes” and the overview of other Golfs courses between land and sea.


Horse Ridding

The "Val Porée" equestrian center in Dinard, located 3km from our hotel, welcomes you all year long for lessons and walks. It also offers training courses during school holidays.

You will also be seduced by the 5* International jumping which is one of the most prestigious high-level events featuring two major competitions: The Tropicana Derby and the Rolex Grand Price.


From the Vicomté to the Peeled Rock, Dinard has a pedestrian walkway that allows you to follow the entire seafront along the cliffs. This route reflects the diversity of the resort's landscapes and allows you to see its architectural heritage from a point of view below.

Schedule an excursion and discover a wilder path by the sea, in the direction of St Enogat and Port Blanc.

The beach of Saint Enogat is limited to the west by the point of the Roche Pelée; at the other end of the walkway towards the Vicomté, the very shady promenade follows the contours of the coast. A superb view is offered to the walkers on the Rance, the Rocher de Bizeux, Saint-Servan and its Solidor tower from the roundabout of Buttes which dominates the point of the Mare.

These 9 kilometers of customs path metamorphose according to the color of the sky and the tides. Lover of exceptional panorama, don’t miss spring tides. These aquatic ballets discover a strike interrupted with rocks, for the greatest pleasure of our friends the Fishermen. 

Promenade au Clair de Lune

The promenade goes from the beach of the prieuré up to the landing stage of the handle of Bec-de-la-Vallée. Protected from prevailing wind, it is one of the most appreciated of Dinard. It allows to discover a grand and unusual landscape, as a district of the Bric-a-brac, with it heaps of villas topped with belvederes and terraces.

The walk by moonlight, where blooms a Mediterranean flora, delight all generations. This ballad by the sea on the coast, will surprise you by its various atmospheres, its setting and points of view.

You can admire the charm of villas, built at the beginning of the 19th century, beaches and creeks of the station, the natural swimming pools of sea water.

All the walk is livened by flowerbeds, trees and shrubs. Sculptures remind the memory of events (landing of Jean IV…).

Boat Excursions

Embark aboard the Corsair Company, and let guide through The Rance. Leave to the conquest of Chausey Islands, the largest archipelago of Europe or be amazed in front of the Cap Fréhel and the castle of Fort La Latte.

Cross the sea by boat to visit St Malo and discover the heart of the Corsair’s city.
 The Epicureans will be tempted by the marine fishing aboard the "Corsaire of Dinan" and share advice and meal with the crew. Escape and enjoy the charm of a mini-cruise towards Jersey or Guernsey with the company Condor Ferries.

These island shaped by the sea, where tides, among the most impressive to the world, are astride the coast and are nourishing lands.

Of small surface but big character, country lanes open on the top of cliffs, we are never more than 10 minutes away from the sea. Islands where it feels good to catch a breath: the escape starts here...