• Hotel Royal Emeraude proche plage à Dinard

Once upon a time

Established in 1892 at the beautiful and glitzy age of Dinard, was the annex to the Royal Hotel just nearby that use to welcome the crown heads of the time.

It could be reborn thanks to a valuable rehabilitation, not only demanding and talented but also timeless and contemporary.

The name “Royal Emeraude” means straight away rank, beauty and rarity. It confirms the historical link to the Royal hotel and the location on the Emerald Coast.

The cachet of a singular architecture, the enhancement of volumes and existing forms, the choice of materials, the originality of the furniture, colors, objects give this place an authentic and seductive that we come to “meet”.

This meet is also the hosts’ that welcome you with sincerity, simplicity and make this establishment a real place to live in Dinard.

The sea and its horizon call for travel, real or dreamed. Dinard, a destination, Dinard, a stop. The two dimensions are constantly intertwined between yesterday and today.