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The grandeur of the Belle Époque
Dinard and its listed villas

With names of birds (“Les Pinsons”, “L’Ibis Rouge”), and Breton or topographical names (“Kerozar”, “Roches Brunes”, “Roche Plate”, “Greystone”), the villas of Dinard have captivated visitors and been the pride of locals for decades. Remarkable for their quantity and their location, the villas of Dinard (407 of which are listed buildings) are also noteworthy for their extreme diversity and whimsical architecture. Constructed primarily between 1870 and 1914, they helped in elevating this jewel of the Côte d’Émeraude from a humble little place to the European capital of seaside tourism.

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Discover a time when, from all the great capitals (Saint Petersburg being 3 days away by train), counts, princesses, rich bourgeois, wealthy industrialists and famous artists would come to idle away the hours on the fine sandy beaches and enjoy their newly built luxury houses, with a quaint, old-time seaside charm. Essentially used as second homes, some of these villas have up to 24 bedrooms. Balconies, bow windows, sash windows, flowers in urns and ceramic features are just some of the common trends in these villas, which are most noteworthy for their playful and striking architectural features.

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