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Dinard Thalasso

Total relaxation in Dinard

(Re) discover the benefits of water by offering yourself a relaxing break in our hotel in Dinard.

It was impossible for a city that has enjoyed success thanks to sea bathing to miss out on the virtues of seawater, which helps restore our biological balance. The word “thalasso” comes from ancient Greek and means “sea”. With its oceanic climate, sandy beaches and relaxing atmosphere, Dinard is therefore undoubtedly the perfect spa destination. Treat yourself to a stay in shape and find all your energy.

Thalasso break near the beach

Experience a Hydrojet massage in the very heart of the Royal Emeraude Hotel. Comfortably seated, feel the movements of the hot water projected under your mattress by a system of jets forming an elliptical movement. Deliciously relaxing!

Release stress and fully unwind in a space designed for your well-being, for a spa break or a sporting getaway. The hotel is also equipped with a fitness room equipped with the latest generation equipment. Perfect for keeping fit, even on vacation. Finally, with a moment in the steams of the hammam, all tensions melt away.

A wellness destination since the Belle Epoque

In Dinard, well-being is a way of life. Thalasso stays attract many travelers each year to this famous seaside resort. From the end of the 19th century, the city was considered the “European capital of sea bathing”. Wealthy visitors in bathing suits are looking for an elegant place to meet and re-energize, and the long sandy beaches attract golden youth.

Dinard has kept a timeless charm from this period, in particular thanks to its magnificent preserved historic villas. What better environment could one imagine for a thalassotherapy stopover? A true parenthesis of well-being, the city offers a setting conducive to relaxation and serenity.

Dinard, timeless charm and iodized atmosphere

The marine atmosphere is found in the location of the Hotel Royal Emeraude, a stone's throw from the Plage de l'Ecluse. This is very popular with passing visitors and locals alike. The Belle Epoque style of the establishment does not detract from its charm and gives a special character to your stay. Take a step back in time in this hotel with its typical Dinardese boat-shaped architecture, while enjoying modern comforts. The liner atmosphere can be found in the suites with sea view.

From visual pleasure to total relaxation, it is a real journey of the senses that awaits you in Dinard.

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